8 Places to Find Startup Events in Sydney

8 Places to Find Startup Events in Sydney

Sydney has a vibrant and diverse startup community where startup founders, employees and investors often come together to share insights, tactics and war stories from being on the ground and building a scalable company.

To help get you started we have put together a list of 8 places where you can find popular startup events in and around Sydney. Most are clustered in and around the Sydney CBD, and chances are there is a startup event that can provide value to you happening at least once a week.


Fishburners Logo2Fisburners, the popular co-working space host a bunch of events each and every week. They regularly open up their space for other startup events in the city, but the pick of the bunch would have to be the Friday night pitch event.

This is where you get to listen to three different startups pitch their idea each week. It keeps you on top of the latest tech startups being built in the city and is open to current entrepreneurs or anyone interested in entrepreneurship but are unsure where to start.

Find out more on their website.

Tech Sydney Meetup (held at Fishburners)

The Sydney Tech Meetup is the longest running, and biggest, meetup for tech startups in Sydney!

It has been running since early 2007 and is designed as an informal, regular and friendly event where people from the Sydney Tech Community can come together to exchange ideas and network.

This is a great event for people looking to for a regular and informal catch-up. You can find out more about the Tech Sydney Meetup here.

Silicon Beach

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Silicon Beach is an organisation that was created to support the Australian startup ecosystem. They hold regular events across the city on topics such as fundraising, pitching your startup, as well as a regular Thursday night drinks event.

This is another great informal group for people looking to catch up after work and discuss startups and what is happening in the local tech ecosystem.

You can find out more about Silicon Beach and the events they host here.

Lean Startup Sydney

Lean Startup Sydney focuses on hosting events based on the lean startup methodology popularised by Eric Rees.

The format typically involves a monthly meetup where people from the startup community are invited to speak about a particular aspect of their business. Popular topics insight presentations by startup Founders, with insight on how to validate, test and build your startup beyond MVP.

You can find out more about Lean Startup Sydney and the events they host here.

If you are looking for slightly more formal events there are a number of co-working spaces, event organisers and industry groups that host presentations by industry renowned experts or subject matter experts.


Tech Sydney LogoTechSydney is an entrepreneur-led industry group that connects, supports and promotes the tech industry in Sydney.

Originally launched in late 2016 TechSydney has already put on a number of events for their members and the wider startup community.

Expect to see a mix up informal catch up’s for people involved in the startup community, as well as more in-depth presentations from industry experts. Past guests include Andrew Chan from Uber and Silicon Valley-based VC Brad Feld.

Keep an eye out for their upcoming events.


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StartCon is Australia’s largest annual startup conference and returns to Sydney again in 2017. StartCon brings together thousands of people from across the Australian startup ecosystem and features speakers from global startups such as Pinterest, Uber, Survey Monkey and more.

In addition to this, however, the team at StartCon regularly organise fireside chats and presentations from successful startup founders and VC’s.

Most events are paid, but the quality is always high. You can find out more on their website.

Tank Stream Labs

Tank Stream Labs LogoTank Stream Labs is another organisation that puts on a regular stream of events to benefit the startup community. Typically, you will find that each event has a core theme that links all of the presenters on the night, with past events focusing on fintech, eSport and sales.

You can keep an eye on the events they host via their website.

Finally, if you are looking for a catchall website to fill a Thursday or Friday night Eventbrite is another great site to check out.With a mixture of free and paid events it’s easy to find something that fits both your budget and area of interest.

With a mixture of free and paid events it’s easy to find something that fits both your budget and area of interest.

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