16 Websites & Groups Covering The Australian Startup Ecosystem

16 Websites & Groups Covering The Australian Startup Ecosystem

Two years ago I was like you. Looking to break into the Australian startup ecosystem and learn more about the companies, founders and investors who back them.

Thanks to the internet, Facebook Groups, meetup events and increased awareness of the Australian startup ecosystem it is now easier than ever to get up to speed. But you still need to know where to look.

In this post, I am going to pull together a list of resources to help you quickly become acquainted with the startup ecosystem down under.

Startup Press / News Publications

Startup Daily


Startup Daily is a publication owned by Shoe String Media that was created in 2012 and covers the Australian and New Zealand tech startup ecosystem.

The team at Startup Daily regularly profile new and upcoming startups, interview founders and investors and cover other newsworthy events from State and Federal Government, accelerator programs and events.


StartupSmart / SmartCompany

smart company

StartupSmart used to be a stand-alone publication but has since come under the wider Smart Company umbrella. SmartCompany bill themselves as the leading online publication in Australia for free news, information and resources catering to Australia’s entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners and business managers.

They regularly profile Australian startups, companies that have recently raised funding, along with expert tips and insight from the people on the ground.


Anthill Online


Anthill Online was originally launched as a print publication in 2003. Since 2009, however, their focus has been solely online. Much like Startup Daily and StartupSmart, they focus on covering the Australian startup ecosystem.

Typically Anthill features more in-depth interviews or thought leadership pieces from industry experts. They also cover major news events that affect the startup community and profile startups on a regular basis.


Startup News


Startup News is a smaller publication with a strong focus on the Perth/WA startup scene. Run by local entrepreneurs Startup News often provides an insightful “on the ground” account of a startup’s life and journey.

Startup News also cover more prominent startups, events and the news that unfolds on the eastern coast as well.


Startup Newsletters

Each of the above publications have their own newsletter or subscriber list. But if you are looking for a wider collection of news on the Australian startup ecosystem you might like to check out.

Startup Soda

Startup Soda Square Logo (1)

Startup Soda is a daily hand curated newsletter of the best news, blog posts and tactical resources from Australian startups, Founders and VC’s.

Unlike other newsletters and publications Startup Soda also likes to source the best material from the founders and entrepreneurs themselves. This ensures there is lots of actionable information sourced each day/week.


Paul Bennetts Startup News Bot

Paul Bennetts is the CEO of Australian startup Spaceship, and previously worked as an Investment Manager at AirTree Ventures.

The Startup News Bot is an automated service that brings you a daily roundup of articles from across the tech industry. While there is a strong focus on the Australian startup ecosystem you will also seem a broader variety of content from TechCrunch and The Australian Financial Review.


Facebook Groups

No resource on the Australian startup community would be complete without putting together a collection of Facebook Groups you can join.

While some are more active than others, in each instance you will find a passionate community of people who share news, events, contacts and insights.

Here’s a collection of the best:

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